The Corporation distributes in bulk a wide range of high quality products.  Among the products distributed include sugar, rice, fertilizers, seeds, other farm inputs, lime, cement, Pipes and Pipe fittings, drilling equipment, hardware items  and all magadi soda products (Soda ash, industrial salt, cattle salt and crushed refined soda).

We also supply various raw materials to MSMEs and market their finished products.


The corporation has aligned its network to the county government so as to effectively take advantage of opportunities presented by the new constitution and is currently considering extending its distribution network to all major towns in Kenya by appointing agents to distribute goods using its trade name.

These agents will link with the outlets as the collection points. This will not only ensure that the products are available to the consumers in remote areas at an affordable price, but will also create employment opportunities, which is one of Kenya’s biggest development challenges.

KNTC is keen to enhance distribution business with the support of its existing physical infrastructure and the good and dependable relations with many institutional and individual customers across the country. Our market comprises of the following segments: –

  1. Government Institutions
  2. Direct Consumers
  3. Reseller/Wholesalers
  4. Industrial customers


Most of the Corporation’s depots are located in high potential agricultural areas as detailed below and are utilized in serving Kenyan farmers to boost agricultural output. The depots are located in the following towns: –

1. Nairobi
2. Nakuru
3. Eldoret
4. Kitale
5. Kapsabet
6. Kisumu
7. Wote
8. Karatina
9. Machakos
10. Meru


The corporation undertakes warehousing business for clients with diverse requirements through leasing of godowns or storage space within its network at mutually agreed and competitive rates.


The corporation has its own transport unit comprising of four 28 – ton trailers and one 10 – ton lorry which will be availed for transport and distribution of sugar within the network.