Kenya National Trading Corporation Ltd is a State Corporation in the Ministry of Industry, Trade & Co-operatives, mandated to act as a procurement agent for the government and participate in the promotion of wholesale and retail trade in order to strengthen the supply chain of essential products within the country.

The Corporation is also mandated with the responsibility of supporting the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector through supply of raw materials, provision of consultancy services and identification of markets for their products.

The incorporation of the Corporation can be traced back to the Session Paper No. 1 of 1965 on “African Socialism and its application to planning in Kenya” which recognized the importance of Trade and Industry in economic development.


  • KNTC’s mandate was revised in November 2010 when the Cabinet reversed its earlier decision to wind up the Corporation.  Cabinet approved that KNTC:
    • Participates in the promotion of wholesale/retail business and e-trade in line with Vision 2030, the medium term plan and the parent ministry’s strategic plan.
    • Improves and strengthens supply chain and distribution systems for both the formal and informal sector.
    • To be a Procurement Agent for the government and general public at a minimal fee.
    • Stabilizes consumer commodity prices by ensuring balance in supply and demand through availability of stocks/goods in the country
    • Partners with other key players to avail relevant products/input for the agricultural sector.
    • Promotes the development of SMEs markets, expansion and diversification of trade in line with the Government Policy.
    • Participates in distribution of goods and services in special economic zones
    • Sets up trading houses in export markets.

b). VISION 2030

Economic Pillar: KNTC intends to contribute towards moving the country’s economy up the value chain by:

  • Raising earnings from wholesale and retail trade by giving our largely informal sector opportunities to transform itself into efficient, multi-tiered and diversified formal sector.
  • This will be realized through:
    1. Appointment of agents to distribute goods from the regional hubs
    2. Setting up of Mediation Centres thus creating formal market outlets for small-scale operators who will then graduate from the informal sector.


  • To be a leading agent for Trade and Economic transformation of Kenya.


  • To provide customers within the region with quality products and services through an efficient distribution network.


  • Strengthening the supply chain, stabilizing quality of essential commodities and enhancing distribution systems for the Country.


The Kenya National Trading Corporation (KNTC) Ltd is a State Corporation under the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Cooperatives and is 100% government owned.