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The Kenya National Trading Corporation Ltd (KNTC) was incorporated as a wholly owned subsidiary of the Industrial & Commercial Development Corporation (ICDC) in 1965, with specific objectives, the most important of which was to help Africanize the economy by promoting and increasing African participation in the wholesale and retail trade.

In 1966, the Government revised the development plans and came up with bold policies outlining how KNTC was to go about the Africanization of commerce. The plan stated that with regard to wholesale trade, the agent for Government policy would be KNTC, which would become the sole distributor of essential commodities, mainly consumed by Africans. The Corporation would also participate in the wholesale distribution of a wider range of products.

The Corporation has assumed additional functions over the years as spelt out in the successive development plans and through occasional Government directives in different circulars.

Our Mandate

  • Participating in the promotion of wholesale, retail and e-trade in line with Vision 2030, the medium term plan and the parent Ministry’s Strategic Plan.
  • Promoting the development of SMEs markets, expansion and diversification of trade in line with the Government Policy.
  • Partnering with other key players to avail relevant products/input for the agricultural sector.
  • Improving and strengthen supply chain and distribution systems for both the formal and informal sector.
  • Stabilizing consumer commodity prices by ensuring balance in supply and demand through availability of stocks/goods in the country.
  • Being a Procurement Agent for the Government and general public at a minimum fee.
  • Participating in distribution of goods and services in special economic zones.

Core Objectives

  • To grow the domestic trading income to Ksh. 1 Billion in year 2018/19
  • To diversify into the export market by 2018
  • To enhance Human Resource policies and management systems
  • Ensure efficient and effective utilization of financial and non-financial resources
  • To attract and retain skilled and competent staff

Our core Values

  • Customer orientation
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Team work